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Dec 10, 2012 5:00am PST
.s. navy seal team was killed during a rescue mission, one that freed an american doctor. and from morning star development, he was killed along with 2 half began staff members. the two afghans they were released saturday. the seal team was sent in to rescue the doctor after he showed he was in danger. >>> the opposition fighters went into the sheik soul man base. last week they captured more and they will public clay moving in that direction. >>> they came over the weekend. about 140 same sex couples came the first day they could legally marry. they passed the bill last month and the newlyweds were excited. >> i really could not be happier. it is such a special day for us and for the state and for all of the other couples here. >> 30 of those states have written gay marriage bands into their constitution. next the supreme court could provide a sweeping ruling that will end those bands. >>> a new report from new zealand could blame construction from the major earthquake during christs church last year. the new report said they never should have received a permit for construction. 195 peopl
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am PST
there will be a pep rally with navy and arizona state. the pep rally is at 11:00 a.m.. coaches and players will be there to speak about tomorrow's game. both school bands will be there to perform. >> looking forward to that. >>> let's go to tara. she is filling in for sal. >> good morning, guys. let's take a look outside. traffic is looking good all around the bay area. first we have a look at 280. the northbound folks with the headlight there heading toward santa clara. and 680 at the sunol grade traffic there no delays to report. here's steve. >>> a violent friday morning and a very violent year for the city of oakland. three people dead and two separate homicide cases in the past several hours. >>> many bay area seafood lovers have been crabby this holiday season. why things could change this weekend. >>> a lot of cloud cover and cold. what about any rain? we'll take a look at it coming up after the break.
Dec 7, 2012 5:00am PST
%. that is the highest rating since may 2011 when navy seals killed osama bin laden in a raid. 42% of americans say the country is on the right track and majority think it's likely president obama will improve the economy. >>> time now 5:35. the national football league is willing to help the raiders build a new stadium in oakland. nfl commissioner says it's crucial the raiders improve their stadium situation and the nfl would help pay for a new one. now the team and the city have held negotiations about a new stadium but there is nothing concrete yet. commission ever cadel also said they could -- but that deal would have to be worked out between the two teams. >>> a big change may be coming to the national football league in the near future. coming up at 5:45 why some people want kickoffs to be eliminated and what they would replace it with. >>> new this morning november unemployment report was just released. it is a little better than expected. it shows the u.s. economy added 146,000 jobs. economists predicted less than 100,000. the unemployment rate fell to a four year low 7.7%. i'm keeping an e
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3